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A Symphony of History, Art, and Affluence: Nestled in London, Hampstead NW3 is a beacon of artistic flair, historical significance, and architectural marvels, home to celebrated personalities and lavish abodes. A locality that breathes a harmonious blend of cultural richness and modern sophistication, Hampstead has been the muse for artists, writers, and intellects for generations. Your space, amidst this renowned neighbourhood, deserves the aesthetic elevation that seamlessly intertwines with its splendid surroundings, an ethos we embody in every project.

Premium Painting and Decorating Services in Hampstead NW3

Primrose Hill Painters, Crafting Exquisite Spaces: In the serene and historically rich vicinity of Hampstead, Primrose Hill Painters have decorated a legacy of luxury, precision, and aesthetic mastery for over 25 years. Amidst streets that whisper tales of illustrious designers and noteworthy residents, we have been lucky enough to mark our signature craftsmanship and unparalleled quality in painting and decorating services. 

Embracing Elegance and Precision – Painting Services we offer: 

Wallpaper Solutions

Traditional & contemporary Wallpapering: Tailoring design services to forge unparalleled finishes.
Specialist installation: Affixing wallpapers and unique wallcoverings with flawless expertise.

Spray Paint Application

Selective Finishes: Supplying an array of finishes, encompassing matte to gloss with minimal application texture/structure.
Advanced Procedures: Faux finishing with an exceptional unique appearance.

Artistic Hand-Painting and Finishing

Exclusive Developments: Assembling personalised murals and aesthetic paint applications.
Refined Hand Finishes: Producing meticulously hand-painted finishes across numerous surfaces.

Preserving Historical Integrity

Maintaining: Upholding and protecting original features.
Restoring: Breathing new life and renewing aged and compromised historical characteristics.

Gilding and Expert Finishes

Opulent Gilding: The art of applying gold for a lavish appearance.
Metallic Applications: Incorporating and applying specialist paints for metallic effects on details and surfaces.

Crown Mouldings and Installation

Crown Mouldings: Install and decorate feature crown mouldings.
Custom made Mouldings: Bespoke crafted mouldings, tailor-made for individual requirements.

Elite Commercial Projects

Offices: Conveying superior finishes for professional settings.
High-End Retail: Expertise in delivering high finishes for premium retail spaces.

Luxurious High End Residential Painting

Internal Painting: Customising interior paintwork across diverse surfaces and substrates for an exclusive fine finish.
External Painting: Durable and carefully applied external paint solutions to protect the outside of your building.

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Unique Colour Consultation

Colour Match: Promising precise and consistent colours to existing applications / colour schemes.
Colour Scheme Advise: Aiding in curating a personalised atmosphere for a unique transformation for every setting, north, west, south or east facing.

Decorative Paint Effects

Venetian ‘Polished’ Plaster: Formulating smooth and sleek plaster finishes.
Textured Paint Applications: Utilising a variety of methods for textured appearances.

Varnish and Staining

Timber Staining: Amplifying the inherent beauty of wood.
Varnishing: Protection and visually enhancing timber surfaces.

Ecological Painting Techniques

Green Paints: Adopting low-VOC and sustainable paint options.
Eco-Conscious Strategies: Sticking to green painting methods.

Renovations and Refurbishments

Premium renovation: Lifting spaces with luxury upgrades.
Aesthetic Innovations: Facilitating comprehensive first class alterations.

Crafted Unique Textures

Texture Creations: Formulating distinctive textures for walls, ceilings surfaces.
Matching: Replicating existing textures to harmonise with surroundings.

Maintenance and Preservation

Steady Maintenance: On-going maintenance for preserving optimal appearance.
Preventing Damage: Adopting strategies to avoid damage and wear.

Plastering Finishes

Smoothing and Skimming: Ensuring surfaces are flat and smooth for decoration.
Aesthetic Plaster Creations: Design and craft ornamental specialist plaster work.

Painters and Decorators Hampstead London - A Canvas of Prestigious Projects:

We have been privileged to work with world-renowned designers, architects, developers, and construction companies and emboss our expertise on some of Hampstead’s most prominent roads, including The Bishops Avenue, Ingram Avenue, Winnington Road, Greenaway Gardens, Courtenay Avenue, Frognal Way and Reddington Road. Our skilled artisans have tenderly brushed vibrant hues across projects spanning Mount Vernon, Hampstead Square, and Gainsborough Gardens. Every project is a testament to our steadfast dedication to delivering both impeccable quality and radiant aesthetic excellence..

Unwavering Dedication to Quality:

Our journey spanning a quarter-century has accumulated awards and honours that recognise our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Why Primrose Hill Painters?

Rich Legacy: Over 25 years of mastering the artistry in painting and decorating across Hampstead’s notable localities.

Award-Winning Services: Celebrated and acknowledged through awards and recognitions for our distinct and high-quality work.

Diverse Expertise: From Luxury Residential Painting to Historical Restorations, our myriad of services caters to varied aesthetic desires and functional needs.

Experienced Painters in Hampstead - Transforming Spaces into Masterpieces:

With a palette of services that range from environmentally friendly painting to exterior protective coatings, we colour your worlds with sustainability, durability, and a timeless aesthetic charm. Our custom colour consultations ensure your spaces mirror your tastes, whilst our refurbishments and renovations infuse a fresh, upscale ambiance into every corner. 

Our decorating company embodies the pinnacle of professional painting and decoration, faithfully serving residential and commercial properties with an unwavering commitment to quality work. Specialising in both interior and exterior painting, including detailed exterior decorating and refurbishment, our reliable and fully insured team of painters magnificently transforms your home or business, adhering to the highest standards of workmanship. Whether in the quaint avenues of Hampstead or the bustling streets of central London, our experienced and qualified painters and decorators, revered for their skill and finesse in a range of painting and decorating solutions, consistently deliver work of the best quality. Offering a free quote and consultation, our friendly and professional team is dedicated to providing decorating work that balances aesthetic appeal with durable quality, ensuring your property not only looks impeccable but stands the test of time. For those in search of superior residential and commercial painting, interior painting, or a transformative wallpaper hanging in surrounding areas, our professional painter and decorator services, from the initial quotation to the immaculate finish, guarantee a seamless, high-standard experience that beautifully elevates your space. From domestic to commercial, our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to the quality of work make us the go-to professional decorating solution for numerous satisfied commercial customers throughout the vibrant, architecturally diverse landscapes of London.


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A History of Hampstead

Hampstead, situated in the NW3 postcode of London, is a delightful area that elegantly marries the old-world charm with contemporary vibrancy. Renowned for its intellectual, artistic, musical, and literary associations, Hampstead has been a magnet for notable figures throughout history, providing both inspiration and respite with its lush greenery, notably the sprawling Hampstead Heath. The Heath, an enormous park, has been a crucial recreation spot and provides stunning views over London city. The area boasts a wealth of Georgian buildings, making it a hotspot for those interested in architecture and history. Numerous writers, actors, and artists have graced the streets of Hampstead, including the likes of John Keats, Sigmund Freud, and Agatha Christie, embedding a rich cultural tapestry into its essence. Today, Hampstead continues to be a sought-after area, celebrating its heritage while warmly welcoming the hustle and bustle of modern city life. A stroll through its quaint lanes provides a nostalgic yet contemporary experience, making it a uniquely charming enclave within London.

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